My Dear Fellow Montreux Members:

Please allow me to introduce myself to some of you, and to update some of you that already know me.

My name is Robin Choi, and many of you know me as one of the Montreux developer agents who sold many of you homes and lots over the course of several years.    Since leaving Montreux, I have continued to work for Dickson Realty and have continued to represent many of my Montreux clients in their real estate transactions.  Since my time at Montreux, the real estate market has gone through a very distinct change, and I feel as a professional REALTOR® that it is my responsibility to change with the market.  To that end,  I have become one of the top “Short Sale” agents in the Reno market, and presently, my partner Wayne Marken and I are the top “Short Sale”  team within Dickson Realty during the last year.

What does this new real estate market mean for you?

As a property owner in one the most exclusive communities in Northern Nevada,  your property values had held pretty strong during the beginning of the market downturn, however as the proliferation of distressed properties continued to envelop the lower end of the market, slowly but surely many higher end homes have fallen into this same category.

Over the last year I have represented sellers in the Montreux community in an effort to “Short Sale” their properties.  And as I continue to make additional efforts to assist home owners at the higher end of our market, I have come to one very certain conclusion…


I assure you that the stigma once associated with having a distressed property that required a “Short Sale” is almost non-existent. Remember, it takes a professional short sale specialist to navigate sellers and buyers through a successful short sale transaction.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the “short sale” process.

Consider my expertise in both Montruex along with my expertise in Short Sales when making decisions that will affect that your future.