Is A Short Sale Right For You?

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  • What is CDRS?

If you are upside down on your home (owe more than the home is worth), there are options available to you. The best option is to work with your lender and try to renegotiate your existing loan. The next option is to allow your home to go into default, and eventually into foreclosure. The 3rd option, would be to allow us to negotiate a "short sale" with your lenders.

Once you opt to do a short sale, then we work with your lenders and become your advocates. Be careful of businesses with official sounding names that offer to renegotiate your loans for you for a fee. Many of these companies prey on your fears, and just walk away with your money.

"RenoShortSales" offers you specialization in the short sale process. Robin is a "Certified Default Resolution Specialist" and at the time of this letter, we have had a 100% success rate on lender short sale approvals. So, although you may be contacted by other real estate agents, make an informed decision that works best for your family. There is never any cost to you for our services and confidentially is a major priority.

What is the Short Sale Process?

  1. Contact Robin and lets discuss your individual situation.
  2. If you decide that a short sale is the best decision for your family, then Robin will provide you ALL the paperwork needed and the professional assistance in preparing them.
  3. We market your home, find a buyer, and submit the offer to the bank.
  4. We negotiate the offer with your lenders, and when approved, the lenders pay all our fees and typically all closing costs.
  5. If a short sale is done correctly you may be able to buy another home right away.